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southern Africa is part of, iCAS. International, the world s leading provider of behavioural risk management services to the business community. Since its launch in 1998, icas, southern Africa has been driven by a commitment to achieving results for clients. Connect (For smmes) In South Africa, 70 of smme employees will experience stress severe enough to inhibit coping with their day-to- day work duties. Icas Connect is the people-focused solution that will support and assist your business, ensuring that every member of your team achieves their full potential and wholly benefits the company. The document has moved here. Cable is supported by all main platforms and browsers. A comprehensive list of system requirements is available if you require further information. If you have any issues accessing material on cable or have a general query please visit the Help and FAQ Page or contact a member of the cable team at [email protected] icas.com. Icas are upgrading our systems to ensure your personal data remains secure. We are therefore asking everyone to reset their password before logging. Icas is the world-class network promoting, inspiring and enabling professional excellence in Chartered Accountants (CAs). ICanConnect provides people with both significant vision and hearing loss with free equipment and training. ICanConnect is a national program with local contacts that helps people stay connected with friends, family and the world. Icas (Enterprise Remote Monitoring) DoD Maintenance Symposium. Mil https icas.

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Guam, health and psychosocial risks that are impacting on your organisation. Is set to become a staple piece of terminology for boardrooms in 2017. Theres the opportunity to discuss relevant topics with other CA students on the learning forums and you can also use this site to access online tutorials and contact tutors. Latest handla news from icas, our promise to you, all programs are customised to your environment.

Icas is one of the world s leading providers of Employee Assistance, Wellness and Wellbeing Programmes (EWPs behavioural risk management services and critical incident support.Icas Connect is an Employee Health and Wellbeing Programme that is designed specifically to serve the needs of smmes.

Icas connect

A unique solution with a measurable impact. Before you begin working on the icas connect cable site. The worlds leading provider of behavioural risk management services to the business community. Help and FAQapos, the, is set to become a staple piece of terminology for boardrooms in 2017.

This online learning platform provides you with interactive learning sessions including tutor voiceovers on key areas such as exam techniques.We provide a customisable solution to manage your human risk capital, that compliments your organisation's distinct culture and objectives.The icas On-the-Go mobile app is one such offering, providing your employees with extensive resources, ease of service access such as access to medical professionals, nurses, physiotherapists, and legal experts, as well as numerous counsellor access points.

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