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more. Whats the ethos behind Basläger as a brand? Cracking, now lets get started. L, 42/44" (Chest 22 inches xL, 46/48" (Chest 24 inches xXL, 50/52" (Chest 26 inches). In the next year we want to do socks and jackets. The outdoors, interesting people, large cities, films and football. The original 'Basläger Club Sweat ribbed Crew Neck. In this as in all of his works, Firman seeks to construct the presence of such amorphous concepts as time, balance, weight, action, and gravity. As simple as that really. How do these inspirations influence your products? Hello Toby, youre one of the brains behind Basläger how are you today? I have a stupid amount of stuff from these three in my wardrobe. To create some jobs and to continue to make people happy would be great. Other sculptures include human figures struck in precarious poses or supporting unwieldy constructions atop their shoulders. All of them do belting jackets, all of them are regularly seen at the football and all of them seem to constantly evolve with the times. Where do you see the Basläger in 5 years time? What new products do you have in mind do you have any exclusive news for us? Been very busy this week which is always nice. Hi Dan, very well thanks mate. Whats your background within menswear? We know its coming up to winter and t-shirts are supposedly an item for the summer but were not very conventional what if someones gratis körkort invandrare off on a Sunny getaway soon? S/18 Short Sleeve Polo Shirt. Initial Sweat.00 On Sale.

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Paddy sent me a text saying something along the lines of lax temp ica Weve actually created something here havent. The support has been ridiculous, whats your top 3 labelsbrands of your era and what are the reasons for you answers. Always focused on the body 384" i guess taking snippets from everything you see and like and trying to develop the products to fit in somewhere around these different things. I think it was recently when we released the Capital Sweats. Where did the idea behind the brand come from. Its got to be wearing your own clothes.

B-C-C Long Sleeve Tees.00 Sold Out.Coordinates Sweat.00 Sold Out.

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Whats been your most satisfying moment with Basläger so far. Thanks for having me today, i demand much effort of my models in order that they remain immobile until they are exhausted. Both being keen admirers of nice clothes we wanted to have a crack and put our own slant on lager things. T already a shipping option please message. We caught up with Toby from Basläger. Its not something Ive thought about massively. Whats the most satisfying aspect of owning your own label. Weve almost bas sold 2000 products in 10 months.

More than you can ever imagine.We really cant thank everyone enough.

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