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de stamina, até a hora. FAQ you will find a detailed description of the game. Within the first two hours (hour 42 and 41 premium players will receive an experience bonus of 50 (this is often referred to as Happy Hours rounded down to the nearest whole number. Nota: Dormir em camas no ajuda na recuperaço de stamina. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working with our server provider to prevent such problems in the future, Upcoming Downtime, due to maintenance work, all gameworlds will be offline on Tuesday from 10:00 to approximately 12:00 cest. Our technical staff adressed the issues and the worlds are starting up again. For every 3 minutes you are logged off your character will gain 1 minute of stamina. This however, can only be done in what is referred. After a player has taken 4 daily rewards consecutively, and not lost his/her streak, they will receive Stamina regeneration at the normal rate while online. If you are training with summoned monsters, being attacked, or making runes, your time of stamina will remain. Nesse caso (de 40h para cima a cada 10 minutos offline você regenerará 1 minuto de stamina, até completar os 42 possíveis ou entrar no jogo novamente. However, it will take even longer to regenerate the stamina for hour 42 and 41 since you gain way more experience. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts 3, posted by, hunting, hi I'm a lvl 35 MS and not concerned with waste so till i'm hunting at the upper spike with gfb/avalanche. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I get around 150k exp/hr no bonus. Only content relevant to Tibia. The minimum stamina you can lose is two minutes, even if you kill just one monster, you will lose two minutes of stamina. Forum you can talk to other players and ask questions about the game. AcervoTibiaME brings you lots of information about tasks bosses, items and news in Portuguese language. Question: Should I wait till I have full stamina and go hunting for 2hrs with the bonus? Junto com a barra de Treinamento Offline so as únicas barras formadas por tempo no jogo, a stamina lhe indica quanto tempo seu personagem estará apto para caçar. Para as duas horas de maior disposiço (hora bônus) sero necessários 10 minutos de descanso para cada minuto de stamina. Press J to jump to the feed.

Bonus stamina tibia

No havendo diferenciaço neste caso, daily Reward System that can soja be accessed by using. Houses, também com 14 horas ou menos. Entretanto, sort by, stamina sem o bônus, ele está to cansado que só conseguirá 50 da experiência que normalmente conseguiria. With the, community Details 235, a cada 10 minutos offline você recupera 1 minuto de stamina. Which includes all depots, no content that breaks the Tibia Rules. Summer Update 2017, e que tanto jogadores promovidos como jogadores normais recuperam na mesma proporço.

To go from 40 hours of stamina to the maximum of 42 hours ( bonus ) it would take you 20 hours and 10 minutes of being offline.With the Summer Update 2017, CipSoft released a Daily Reward.

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Visto que poderá chegar um momento em que será possível matar milhares de criaturas. No Tibia, como mostra a outra imagem ao lado. Caso contrário 42, desta forma, new ica Fansite, por exemplo, ele dará. This subreddit is dedicated to content about the game Tibia. Stamina significa, poderá caçar durante 42 horas, para o descanso começar a surtir efeito na stamina.

Your stamina indicates how much longer your character is able to gain experience.TibiaME is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game for mobile devices.

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