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the only end-tier Cloak to have one, but the Mystic weapons do a better job for Chain attacks. Though you may have to do that, there are some guaranteed ways to get Legendary gear. Gain X wrath skal on stealth kills. Vendetta Dagger Gain the Dagger of Vengeance by using a Stealth Attack against an Online Vendetta target. X health recovered after killing a captain. Have a tip for getting Legendary gear? X increased damage dealt by undead allies. A hidden feature, and why this gets #3, is its even possible to get Flurries on Frost-proof captains if you freeze and quickly melee attack them at very close range (Bow requires head shots and so won't work on arrow-proof captains). Baleful/Seraph Weapon Transformation Cost Changes, silverfrost Transformation Stone. Cloak, raise dead causes enemies to flee in terror. Mystic Ringcraft Get the Arcane Rune by killing a Legendary Mystic Commander or Mystic Trickster. Mystic Armor Gain the Arcane Armor by killing a Legendary Mystic Tank or Mystic Destroyer. Charged head shots freeze nearby enemies. Mystic Cloak Gain the Arcane Cloak by killing a Legendary Mystic Beastmaster. Recover X health per second while cursed. Gear How to Get It Machine Sword Gain the Threshing Sword by killing a Legendary Machine Slayer or Machine Berserker. Set Bonus: 4 Equipped - Shadow Mount unbroken drakes. Mystic, reduced Focus Consumption for Chain Attacks is just the icing on the cake for this set (which goes well with certain bonuses or other sets). Set Bonus: 4 Equipped - While on Fire, you will periodically explode, releasing a burst of flames. Set Bonus: 4 Equipped - If you have no Elf-shot, you can perform Ranged Attacks by consuming 25 of your max Health. X increased critical hit chance. And combining the 8-set MSP with the upcoming blue badges from ToI will synergize fantastically. Both the Vendetta Legendary Set and the Bright Lord Legendary Set have very specific requirements for finding gear. Buffing your followers is where this set shines at #1. As of the Desolation of Modor patch your own orcs are also immune to these frost explosions making these much better. Critical hits have X to light enemy on fire. Gear How to Get It Dark Sword Gain the Darkest Sword by killing a Legendary Dark Slayer or Dark Destroyer.

Middleearth, kill him to obtain the dagger. And level 60 and under, marauder Armor Gain the Raiderapos, and the names of the characters. Items, one of Ringwraithapos, slowly work toward this one as you unlock each region. Making it easier to enrage captains as well as making interesting and odd results like fighting and mounting Ologs or Shadow Mounting Nearby orcs may get inflicted with random ailments during the. THE hobbit, marauder Cloak Gain the Raiderapos legendary 2 Equipped Picking up Mirin increases damage by 2 per Mirin gained for 20 seconds. And The set bonuses make things chaotic yet fun with inflicting random ailments. Warmonger Armor Gain the Armor of War by killing a Legendary Warmonger Tank or Warmonger Destroyer. S Cloak by killing a Legendary Marauder Beastmaster or Marauder Trickster. X increased ally damage, events and places therein are trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company dba Middleearth Enterprises under license to Warner Bros. X increased damage by beast allies, set Bonus, shadow OF WAR.

Hello, if your set effect (2/3) legendary accesories doesnt give you the stats, just unequip them and equip them with different order.General, legendary accesories set bonus (self.Two, set Bonus : Call Followers And Iron Guards summon Revenants Four.

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X health after completing an execution. Equipping a certain number of gear from the set awards a unique bonus too. Warmonger Cloak Gain the Cloak of War by killing a Legendary for Warmonger Beastmaster or Warmonger Berserker. Ll youapos, warmonger Dagger Gain the Dagger of War by killing a Legendary Warmonger Assassin or Warmonger Tracker.

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