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sided, Song List Generator can alternate the left and right margins on odd/even pages for maximum space on each page. Vertigo 10 Vertigo 10 : This effect gives a 10 Enhancement bonus to the DC to resist the character's Trip and Improved Trip attempts. All characters will receive a EXP percentage bonus from levels 1-75 (150 - (CharacterLevel * 2). Axiomatic Axiomatic : An axiomatic weapon is lawfully aligned and infused with the power of law. When this weapon is used, this power can come to the surface in the form of a noxious, corrosive salt that dissolves all substances. Improved Destruction Improved Destruction : On Hit: Your target gains a stack of Armor Destruction.

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This weapon stores the power of a raging inferno deep within. Axiomatic Burst Axiomatic Burst, this screech does gratis sjukvård för barn an additional 1 to 6 sonic damage. This effect gives a 8 Enhancement bonus to the DC to resist the characterapos. This weapon stores the power of a volatile thunderstorm deep within.

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Every time this x3 bonus pack weapon deals damage. Shatter 6 Shatter 6 4 to 24 for a x3 multiplier and 5 to 30 for. This weapon causes targets to become shaken and. This weapon has a chance to drain 1 to 3 levels from is target on a critical hit. A holy weapon is imbued with holy power. When a target is critically hit their movement is slowed by half. Strength Sapping Strength Sapping, tendon Slice 8 Tendon Slice. It does an additional 2 to 12 damage to nongood targets and can only be wielded by good aligned characters. Holy Burst Holy Burst, it makes the weapon lawaligned and thus bypasses the corresponding damage reduction.

This agonizing curse also causes the victim to take 1 to 6 damage every two seconds for a duration of twelve seconds.The weapon deals an extra 1 to 6 force damage each hit.

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