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walkthrough video detailing my iTunes setup, file management, and metadata configuration, as well as a lot of other tips involved along the way related to migrating iTunes to the Synology, converting to MP4/M4V, and tagging with all. Music/iTunes media is fine When you move the iTunes Media from your mac to your NAS, are you copying it (leaving a copy on your mac) or cut/paste it? Bear in mind things may go for the worst when youre transferring your files a blackout may occur or your network router might terraria pick it as the best time to act all wonky. In the iTunes folder move only the "iTunes Media Folder" to the NAS. No it won't, not unless they radically changed something in iTunes.5.1 that's been that way since iTunes.0.1 "Pointing" to the media folder in preferences has never gotten iTunes to re-link to media. If you don't care about that stuff, then you don't need to do anything in this guide at allleave the "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" option set to off, remove all your files from iTunes (taking care not to actually delete them! Gitzbug: You're also better off putting the entire library on a single drive rather than having a split library with some items on one drive and others on another. Im not using Synology but WD DL2100 8TB in raid. Why would you want to do this? The answer is that you totally can, but you'll lose metadataplay counts, ratings, last-played dates, and everything else that iTunes keeps in its database won't survive a manual copy. No GM there Correct this is how i have. Considering that youre transferring media files, this will take time. Folks with small iTunes libraries won't see much benefit from this, but if you've got a tremendous amount of stuff in your iTunes library along with some external space to store it, this is an excellent way to give you back a whole bunch. Manually re-linking them caused iTunes to automatically reorganize them to folders and file names that exactly reflected the files' metadata, leading to situations like this: Enlarge / A case-sensitive NAS leads to potential issues with capitalization. Auto-mount network shares One final thing needs be done: with your library on a network share, it's important for that share to be mounted before iTunes starts. A huge number of files in my library were suddenly showing up as missing, even though a spot check showed that the files were actually right where they were supposed. Because of the failed copy job, this didn't happen. Sometimes slow, sometimes crashy, and perpetually gaining features, it's the app we use every day but rarely with any joy.

Ve been up and running for a few months now. Any other SynologyNAS users care to chime. OS X users can do the same thing by adding your Music volume to the" Re not going to describe how to get your music centrally situated and available as an attached library for all your iTunes clients. Relinking missing files, its always best to create server backups.

This article will guide you through the steps to stream music and videos with Syno logy iTunes Server.In addition, you can change settings of iTunes Server.

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After shortening the file name, s yet another Music folder, know your target filesystem. No longer did anything, lesson three, thereapos. Remember, also, fixing this required quite a bit of song tag editing. This synology guide setup itunes server is a must nowadays considering that file sizes are getting larger and Macs are getting thinner the former is clearly outpacing the latter.

Which is cool if you have other people connected in you household.Before you jump for joy though, here are some reminders and some tips to help you out: After you successfully transfer all your files, you can access and use them like they are stored on your Mac.Thanks, reply, answer: A: Answer: A: No problem, here how you hidden the drives.

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