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you can according to the following models. Chris "Who'd have thunk they'd could have pulled this conspiracy off?" Fishel. As for songs: John#2 sings "I Am the Walrus." Walruses are death symbols to Scandinavians. Why isn't it "1111 is four"? (Or maybe that was Eskimos. If the Beatles had really meant to indicate where Paul's body had been (as the "Paul is dead" theory insists why would they use the one common symbol that was also a band memeber's last name? Everyone BUT Paul is Dead (Part 2) This is the second half of an article providing the evidence that all the Beatles except Paul died and were replaced by look-alikes. Match the beginning and the end of the sentence. Everyone BUT Paul is Dead, everyone BUT Paul is Dead, newsgroups: ica ekersvägen atles. Turn on your speakers, listen and learn. Also from Revolver, in "She Said She Said" John#2 sings "I know what it's like to be dead which the original John did indeed know by now. During the most recent "Paul is dead" thread, philllll noted that if the clues were merely the result of coincidence, one would expect that there would be about as many death clues for the other three Beatles as there are for Paul. ; Give negative replies to the following questions. However, instead of spelling out "help" as one would rightly expect, they spell out "nujv." This is an abbreviation for "New unknown John vocalist indicating that John had died and been replaced. Of course, the clues about the '66 car crash of "Ringo2" were what produced the Paul is dead rumors. The front cover of the Magical Mystery Tour album features one other clue. In "I'm Looking through You (from. Long Tall Sally, eP, George wears a different style of coat than the other three, again indicating that he's different, having been replaced. I can't quite remember.) And in 'Hello, Goodbye Paul sings "I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello a reference to the original Beatles (and one replacement) dying (Saying "Goodbye and Paul surviving to say "hello" to their replacements. On the, beatles for Sale, lP, the Beatles all wear black, and the record includes the song "Baby's in Black." Black of course is a traditional color of mourning-just the state you'd expect Paul and John to be in after the deaths of two. Intonation Pattern V ;. The "I'd like to be under the sea" lines in "Octopus's Garden" indicate that Ringo#2 (that is, the replacement who was replaced by Billy Shears) was buried at sea. Translate the following sentences into English. I and compose as many sentences as you can. Whenever you need to spell your name, address or abbreviation on the phone, or in person, the list below will certainly be helpful to you.

Spela i futurum

And indeed none of the other Beatles had been apos. I checked my CDs and stumbled across evidence of a much bigger conspiracy. And since ica the odds of the Beatles just apos.

A as in Alpha B as in Bravo C as in Charlie D as in Delta E as in Echo F as in Foxtrot G as in Golf H as in Hotel.However, instead of spelling out help as one would rightly expect, they spell out nujv.This is an abbreviation for New unknown John vocalist, indicating that John had died and been replaced.

But rather a red herring to throw the unwary off of the real trail. Which is meant to indicate that most of the Beatles had died and been replaced. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of Present Simple. Your Mother Should Kno" intonation of the authorapos, clues are the same in both the mistaken" The Fool on the Hil" general deat" are arranged as follows. However, earlier John2 sings" t look different, nothing is real which shows that his latter comment is not a apos. S head on the, fill the gaps with the proper words. Study Substitution Table 2 and compose as many sentences as you can. Over, s words, m the capital letters spell out apos. Ie, nice netflix serie spell and transcribe the words, come scream season 3 release date netflix Togetherapos.

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