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at the door, half-crying, half-begging me to get back down, and I started to cry along with her. One minute I might be thinking the whole world is smiling at me, and the next, I might feel they all want to stab. When youre on the top, he ren said, take the red capsule, and when youre at the bottom, take the white pill. I have not felt this way in a long time. Happiness and luck are aberrant states. But while his works travelled the world in solo exhibitions, they have rarely been shown in China uncensored. But no matter how careful and vigilant I am, there are still times when the spring unlooses itself with no warning. Ive accustomed myself to submitting to fate, just like throwing a die that keeps tossing up the same number. Wave upon wave of nausea rolls inside of me as I hallucinate my rebirth. I had this illusion once that the neighbors upstairs were gods that lived in the sky. Killing someone would be as easy as smashing a vase. We hide the body in our culture. To kill boredom, he bought himself a point-and-shoot film camera and taught himself to use. Police in Beijing, where the photographer was based, often shut down his shows on charges that his work was pornographic. Half a month after the stayover, the first thing I did upon waking up every afternoon would be to look for my medicine, although this routine made me more panicky than ever before. Every day I am struggling in the space between forgetting and inventing, oblivion and creation. Probably inspired by the masters of the genre in Japan, such. Sometimes the body and the bed float together, sometimes they float apart, other times only the body floats, and if you lower your head, youd see the neatly-folded bedclothes looking perfectly untouched.

For a long time after that. Why dont I lie down, he had often foreshadowed his own death in postings on social media. Not being able to do what you want in your own country is such a tragic way to live. The lamps around you turn bright. I am constantly afraid to head out. I make it a point to wind my spring up well. Ren once mönster said about his body of work. The surrounding sky itunes darkens, i really dont want to go out. He said in a documentary produced by Vice Japan. I am no longer frightened, but once Ive decided to.

294.5k Followers, 60 Following, 645 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from RenHang renhangrenhang).The news of the death.Police in Beijing, where the photographer was based, often shut down his shows on charges that his work was pornographic.

It was my constant assumption that everyone has such experiences too. Hardly seems like a road either. Sometimes a piece of glass, but it was too dark with the lights turned off. I often feel as if my tongue has been flushed with helium. Ren Hang taught himself how to take photos with his silver Minolta that he bought for a handful of yen on bauhaus Ebay.

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