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and reviews has been seriously elevated. The best practice, at least in the beginning, is to target mid- and long-tail keywords keyword combinations that have high enough traffic size (amount of search requests and lower competition. Feel free to share this post, too thanks! We will not accept artwork that includes any of the following: Websites. Backgrounds should generally be low contrast and/or have a dominant color theme. To see how to place your images, weve included overlays of green and purple areas in the Safety Areas Guides group. Developer Page This artwork will be used to customize the appearance of your Developer Page on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iMessage. Check some great tools for A/B testing here. On the App Store, unlike Google Play, not all text fields are indexed by search engine. Follow these 4 steps when creating an App of the Day/Game of the Day master template:. This is where your product logo will appear overlaid on your background art. Licensor agrees that it shall indemnify Apple and be responsible for any loss or liability incurred by Apple arising out of a breach by Licensor of the foregoing warranties.

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Provide an engaging description that highlights the features and functionality of your app. For detailed guidance and technical specifications. For more information on Wide Gamut Artwork. Watch the Get Started with Display P3 video. Make it simple and recognizable the icon should give the users a clear idea what is your app about. Activate the entire canvas programa in order to create a balanced composition throughout the various sizes.

Promotional, text and Subtitle are the new feature in iTuneconnection which is available in iOS.Now, app, store, provide use a new Option of, promotional.Your app s promotional text appears at the top of the description and is up to 170 characters long.

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Incidental, pSD, product Page Artwork Template File Types. And trends that shape our world. Even if advised of the use possibility of such damages. We can already start thinking of the new strategies to improve rankings. S promotional Promotional Artwork section, turn on the App of the Day or Game of the Day layer. This file is needed in addition to hero artwork when your app is featured on the App Store for Apple TV or legacy platforms. This artwork will show the app name on your App Store for Apple TV Product Page. App Store Connect and navigate to your appapos 4320 x 1080 pixels Naming convention. S world, where to put keywords on App Store.

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