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any computer, watch right. The Windows VPN client. For users located in Sweden or close by, that have really fast connections, they should see little loss in bandwidth even while using the OpenVPN encryption. For encryption, we suggest using OpenVPN where Anonine uses a 2048 bit SSL key. Being that they are such a small VPN service provider, they also have hands on control of stability and performance and guarantee.9 uptime and large bandwidth capacity. Conclusion: Anonine is a single high performance server VPN provider benefiting from being operated form Sweden and offering a good no log privacy agreement. We had no problems with the IP test and the DNS leak test was exemplary. Pricing: Anonine use to offer OpenVPN and pptp protocols separately at different costs. With a solid 0-log policy and backed by Swedish law, they make a good choice for local residents while offering a performance server for neighboring countries. They have a good ToS but unfortunately no Privacy Policy but all relevant information can found across the website. Speed: This is probably Anonines best strength. You can read more about netflix Sweden and VPNs here. 1 Month.99 / Month 3 Months.99 / Month.97 6 Months.99 / Month.94 1 Year.99 / Month.88. Features, with Anonine there is no boasting about number of servers/ countries/ etc. It does however have a few bugs here and there and we wish they would keep a blog and/or their social media more updated but these do not impact on the service they provide. For that reason, we would suggest other larger VPN service providers that offer much more for similar and lower prices.

But for such a small VPN provider. They are capable of offering unlimited bandwidth bonus speeds into the Gigabitss and no limits on how much you can use. The Anonine website is pretty straight forward no useless or annoying fancy animations and most of the information that you could require a click away. The company is owned and operated by Portlane Networks. They do account not offer any online communications or chat. Anonine on the whole is a pretty good company for the services it wishes to provide with plenty of ticks in the security and speed areas but a slight let down in the other categories. If what you are looking to attain is data security and privacy. Anonine offers two protocols, they offer unlimited data transfers and unlimited bandwidth. Being that they operate their own well developed and engineered server and routes.

Become Anonymous with Anonine VPN!As web surveillance become more prevalent in our society it is increasingly important to maintain privacy and personal integrity online.

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But being located in Sweden, as shown in the table below their VPN speed tests were great with both encryption types with pptp showing slightly improved speeds as expected. Being fairly young there is still plenty of improvements that they can make but they say these are in the process so hopefully they will get a lot better in the near future within a month. Even with the good results, the most annoying fact about Anonine is that they do not have any of their own software and the setup of pptp differs from OpenVPN making it a bit more difficult then it really needs. Based in Sweden, they take pride in the fact that they do not collect any personal information and the only logs they keep are basic connection logs and even these are only stored for an hour. We had a good experience using their server. They collect absolutely no personal information unless required for payment which is another great bonus though a slight shame that they dont accept BitCoin in sight of this. Performance Speed, the Process, we found the price spel to be too high.

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Conclusion, we liked, great speeds.We carried out our three primary tests as usual.

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