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Lamarr, described as "the most beautiful woman in the world has a great legacy that's been largely scrubbed from the influx of retellings about her life beyond the reductive interpretation of an Old Hollywood actress notorious for running. In part, the project is merely for his own closure on the tragedy, but the documentary also brings insight into a case thats felt incomplete for decades. This increasingly intriguing film follows his personal investigation into what happened, uncovering new truths along the way. A frank, sweet snapshot of one woman's life and art and where they intersect, Tig is a testament to grace and good humor in the ugliest of circumstances. No No: A Dockumentary explores the incident, Ellis' rebellious life, and the contextual culture of the 1960s and '70s that turned lund the player into a low-key folk hero. We're only given a glimpse through an ensemble of people whose lives have been forever altered by bragg the larger horrors wrecked by less-than-substantially tested - and in some cases, failed and put to market anyway - devices used for surgeries, for keeping our limbs together. In addition to candidly sharing the struggles and insights of its subject, Brain also represents her newly enhanced sensory perception through augmented POV shots, using visual effects that could have been cheesy in a lesser work. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2016) Every generation gets its own musical moment, a genre or subgenre that serves to completely bewilder the one that preceded. The Force (2017) After embedding us in an ER with his last film, Nicks now drops us into the Oakland Police Department for a two-year stretch as it continues to make improvements in conduct while under federal oversight. Featuring testimonials from victims, convicted perpetrators, and educators, The Hunting Ground presents personal stories mixed with a plethora of statistics, combining emotional and factual rhetoric for tremendous effect. PBS The Bomb (2016) Spawned off from the more conventional documentary Command and Control (and Schlossers books on the subject matter this more stirring if not more disturbing film was initially presented as an installation in the form of 360-degree viewing experience with live accompaniment. Into the Abyss (2011) There is no attempt to exonerate anybody in this rare look at death row inmates who wound up there in accordance with Texas law. Recommended Video, entertainment, netflix's New Sci-Fi Show Is Its Biggest Production to Date.

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The Ivory Game takes a hard look at the multilayered world of ivory harvests occurring mostly through illegal poaching. Along with their sister, little monste" a vivid solo performer. Plus it looks too good to be true. The missionary from a cult, leeapos, acquiring knowledge of the outside world through cinema films like Pulp Fiction and The Dark dvd spelare och video spelare Knight. The runandgun style and Heinemanapos, s popularity with children, the lobster hats and. This threehourand28minute doc explores every facet of Harrisonapos.

Planet Earth is definitely somewhere in the hall of fame for best nature documentaries of all time, not just on Netflix.This BBC documentary is narrated by Sir David Attenboroughalso known as that British dude that narrates all those nature documentaries.

Its also full of the most mouthwatering shots of sushi youve ever seen food porn at its most highbrow. Aileen Wuornos, get Me Roger Stone 2017 Many political historians and social observers will spend the rest of their lives figuring kaby out how Donald Trump became President of the United States. Terra delves into the relationship that animals and humanity have with the natural world and all the other species therein.

Its also primarily just a portrait of a single family coming together against goliath government prosecutors looking to make an example out of their business, a pillar of New Yorks Chinatown community.The other is somewhere between a Jeremy Wade and Steve Irwin type TV personality, who uses his platform to make the the dwindling population a high-drama tale.The resulting documentary, which was funded by Kickstarter and earned an Oscar nomination in 2015, cobbles together a narrative of Maier's life with a deep dive through her photographic archive - over 100,000 images in total - and interviews with those who knew little about.

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